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I live on a large Organic farm high in the beautiful Cotswold Hills on the escarpment above the city of Gloucester. We grow arable crops, and keep cattle and sheep in a non-intensive system with respect for both animal welfare and the environment and the farm is in an environmentally sensitive area (ESA). To find out more, have a look at our website at

My Horses

My Horses

I am a life-long horse owner and have 3 of my own who live as part of a herd of 6. I also have 4 working Border collies and a Jack Russell cross Border terrier, 3 cats and 3 domestic rats. If you have never met a tame domestic rat you will not realise how friendly, affectionate and highly intelligent they really are! My other life-long passion is gardening and on wet days I am often found hiding in the greenhouse with a mug of coffee and the radio on, happily potting-on and propagating plants that I will never have room for in my garden !


AnimOILS Essential oil Therapy for Animals

I am a fully qualified Essential Oil Therapist for Animals (Animal Aromatherapist). I trained with the Guild of Essential Oil Therapists for Animals (GEOTA), of which I am a full member and Student Liaison committee member and I adhere to their code of conduct.

I offer consultations to owners of animals that are suffering from a range of problems, both physical, emotional and behavioural and am able to educate the owner how to use essential oils in a safe and respectful way to help support their animals recovery.

I also supply a wide range of essential oil products by mail order as well as those tailor made to the individual client.



Reiki SymbolsI am a 3rd degree Reiki practitioner and Teacher (Master) of the Usui Traditional Reiki system and run regular courses to teach Reiki either in small groups or on a one to one basis. I specialise in people who work and live with animals although I also regularly teach those who have no animals themselves and feel at first that they will only ever work with people. It is interesting how often they find that word soon gets round and friends and family start to ask if they can use this gentle form of Hands-On healing on their companion animal too.


Forthcoming Talks and Workshops

We run a comprehensive list of courses on human and animal healing, animal aromatherapy and animal care, management and behaviour including several run by guest teachers such as Nayana Morag. For a complete list of all courses run at Overtown Farm plus dates and fees, please go to

The following workshops are available either on a group or one-to-one basis throughout the year except April to mid May.

•  An Introduction to Reiki (Taster day for those wishing to get more information before making a group booking)...max of 6 places available.

•  Reiki with animals workshop (for those already attuned at any level)...max 6 places available.

•  One-day Reiki Attunement workshops for Personal and Family Healing

•  In depth 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Master/Practitioner) Degree Therapist courses with an option of Human only or Human and Animal.

• 3rd Degree Master/Teacher level by special arrangement

•  Reiki Refresher days for those who have "lapsed" or feel they need a re-cap before moving on to the next level. These days are tailored entirely to the needs of the individual and include theory, practise and an attunement (if appropriate).

•  An Introduction to Essential Oil Therapy for day workshops on Animal Aromatherapy to educate owners and carers on the safe use of essential oils and other aromatics for animals. Can be tailored to suit needs of student e.g. Equine, Canine, small animal, farm livestock etc. One-to-one or small groups.

•  Intermediate Animal Essential oil therapy for owners and above but with a second day covering further kinesiology, "lotions and potions", further practical work and suitable for those who have experience of working with essential oils or would like a more in-depth and wide ranging introduction to the therapy. One-to-one or maximum 2 people.

•  Care of the Mother and Newborn one-day workshop. Run towards the end of lambing once a year only and aimed at those who wish to get hands on experience of using complementary therapies with animals. Includes practical work with sheep and a general overview of the ways essential oils can be used in all animals leading up to and after birth. Limited to a maximum of 6 places. (Not suitable for women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant or breast-feeding for health and safety reasons.)

•  Other Reiki and Essential oil workshops can be tailored to individual needs on request.

•  I am also now able to offer one day Introduction to Essential Oil Therapy for Animals workshops for groups of up to 10 people in your home or at a venue local to you in the Glos, Hereford, Wilts, Oxon borders. Please ask for more details if you would like to organise a workshop for me to teach at.

•  Talks given to local groups and organisations.

Unfortunately, due to other work commitments and the calving and lambing season on the farm, I am not able to teach workshops between late March and the end of May but I am otherwise available for workshops on both weekdays and Saturdays. If you would like to book a workshop then please Email or call .


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